Germany Vintage Figurines

Style > 1970s (1/2)

  • Vintage Goebel Tmk5 Rob #405/a Janet Robson Flight Into Egypt Figurine Germany
  • Vintage West Germany Porcelain Figurines, Brass, Marble Base Windup Clock Workin
  • Volkstedt Porcelain Figurine Blue Bird And Lady Height 20cm 1950s-1970s Vintage
  • Figurine, Greyhound, Faience, Germany, 24.5 Cm
  • Vintage Old Goebel Hummel Germany Figurines. A Letter To The Santa Claus 7
  • Wagtail Yellow Bird Figurine Porcelain Vintage Hand Painted By Volkstedt As Gift
  • Nice Rare Porcelain Figurine Cavalier On The Chair Of The Gdr Height 12 Cm
  • Beautiful Vintage Porcelain Figurine Lady With A Cavalier And Mandolin 1970s
  • Horse Racking Figurine Porcelain White Vintage Ussr Height 12cm Décor Gift
  • Boy & Backpack Figurine Vintage Porcelain Figurine 1970s Height 8cm Décor Gift