Germany Vintage Figurines

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  • Antique 1900s Germany Porcelain Figurine Parrot Nymphenburg Marked 20 Cm
  • Vintage 1963-1980 Germany Figurine Ballerina With A Mirror Wallendorf 25cm
  • Antique 1925-1972 Porcelain Figurine Bacchus On A Goat Scheibe Alsbach 22 Cm
  • Antique 1900-1919 Germany Rare Porcelain Figurine Karl Ens Ptah 33cm
  • Pool Billiards Table German Figurine Vintage
  • Antique 18th Germany Original Rare Polychrome Porcelain Figurine Höchst Marked
  • Vintage 1961-1972 Germany Pair Rudolf Kammer Generals Porcelain Figurines Marked
  • Vintage 20th Original Old Germany Schaubach Kunst Porcelain Nude Girl Marked
  • Antique 19th Rare Germany Allegory Of Fire Ernst Bohne Söhne Rudolstadt Marked
  • Vintage 1960s Germany Rare Original Lace Porcelain Figurine Grafenthal 17 Cm